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Our calendar fills up 3-4 months in advance. Please review and consider the following before contacting our office:

Step 1: Become familiar with the The People’s Institute Northwest

A careful perusal of the website will answer many questions about The People’s Institute, our Undoing Racism™/Community Organizing Workshops, and our trainers.

Step 2: Clarify your needs

  • Why does your organization or community need to have an Undoing Racism™/Community Organizing Workshop ?
  • Are there specific concerns that you hope this workshop will address?
  • Is there some particular incident, event or pressure that is causing your organization or community to consider hosting a workshop?

Step 3: Identify Your Constituency

Who is the workshop for?

  • Would this workshop be an in-house training, specifically intended for members of your organization? If so, will participants be invited, urged, or required to attend?
  • Would this workshop be a cooperative effort, involving two or more organizations, communities, agencies, etc? If so, what segments of the community will you work to have represented?
  • Do you expect that this workshop will be racially mixed? If not, how will you ensure some diversity? Whenever possible, Undoing Racism /Community Organizing Workshops are done in racially mixed settings. Exceptions are made only in certain circumstances and with prior agreement from the organizers/trainers.

Step 4: Contact The People’s Institute

Once you have read through our materials and have given some thought to the above questions, please contact our national office. We will be happy to answer your questions about The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and the Undoing Racism™/Community Organizing Workshop.

Step 5: Consider a Preliminary Consultation

The People’s Institute is committed to providing Undoing Racism™ training with adequate preparation and follow-up in the local community. We do not see the process beginning or ending with simply a workshop.

We encourage all sponsoring organizations, especially those that are attempting to develop a community coalition, to consider having our trainers meet (in person or via conference call) with potential participants prior to holding a workshop. We find that this step not only relieves fears and helps answer many questions, but it also greatly increases the effectiveness of the workshop. Also, a preliminary trainer visit is an excellent opportunity to have The People’s Institute do some of the encouraging, convincing, and “selling” that you would have to do otherwise.

Step 6: Assess Organizational Finances


    • Workshop Fee:
      The basic fee for a two and 1/2 day Undoing Racism workshop is set on a sliding scale based upon ability to pay. Call us for details regarding your situation. (Note: A non-refundable 15% deposit is required in order to reserve a workshop date. The balance is due in full upon completion of the workshop).
    • Trainer Expenses:

      An Undoing Racism™/Community Organizing Workshop requires a minimum of two, and preferably three trainers from The People’s Institute. Workshop hosts are responsible for covering trainer expenses including:

      • Round-trip transportation to and from the workshop site. This includes airfare and cab/shuttle or car rental. We always work to keep this cost as low as possible. Advance air reservations and your assistance with local transportation are key factors.
      • Private hotel accommodations.
      • A per diem per trainer that covers meals during the course of the workshop.

    A large meeting room that is capable of holding 35 people comfortably is required to hold the workshop in. Also, if your training site is far away from participants’ homes (ie: a retreat center), you may need to provide overnight accommodations for participants.

    We recommend that continental breakfasts, simple lunches and snacks be provided at the site, or participants may choose to go out. Again, this expense can vary greatly depending upon the needs and interests of the group.

    • Preliminary/Follow-up consultation
    • Publicity
    • Child care
    • Supplies

    • Grants:

      General financial support to underwrite the cost of an Undoing Racism workshop can be sought from:

      • The organizations that are hosting the workshop;
      • Local churches, community organizations, businesses, or other groups that are willing to invest in the work of Undoing Racism;
      • Foundations. The People’s Institute can provide leads on potential funding sources.
    • Scholarship Donations:
      Individuals who are committed to the work of Undoing Racism™, especially those who might not be able to attend a workshop, can make scholarship donations so that others can afford to attend.
    • Registration fees:

      After all other funding sources are considered, registration fees can be calculated to cover the balance of the workshop expense. To determine registration fees, we suggest a sliding scale formula.

      Please note: unless prior arrangements are made with The People’s Institute, Undoing Racism workshops are to have no less than 10 and no more than 40 participants.

Step 7: Set a Workshop Date

Once your organization decides to host an Undoing Racism workshop, potential dates can be discussed with Bridget Lehane, Training Logistics Manager, at The People’s Institute. The People’s Institute will secure a date upon receipt of a completed contract and the non-refundable 15% deposit.

Step 8: Meet With The Trainers

At some point before the scheduled workshop date, a meeting or conference call is held with The People’s Institute trainers and those hosting the workshop. The purpose of this meeting is to clarify needs, discuss expectations, establish goals, and develop an agreement for working together. Depending on the circumstances, some groups may find it helpful to take this step prior to committing to host a workshop.

Step 9: Make Workshop Arrangements


Please be sure all participants are aware of the following:

  • The basic contents and purpose of the Undoing Racism™/Community Organizing Workshop. Each participant should be given a set of our brochures before the date of the workshop.
  • The basic commitment they are making. All participants should be aware of what they are committing themselves to, and that they are expected to stay for the entire workshop.
  • The cultural sharing time. Participants will appreciate advance notice of this opportunity to share.
  • The workshop schedule. A typical Undoing Racism workshop runs on a schedule similar to this one. Check with the trainers for details.
    • DAY ONE: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    • DAY TWO: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    • DAY THREE: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Please be sure that the meeting room has:

  • Adequate space for the entire group (10-35 people) to sit in a large circle without tables or desks
  • Sufficient number of comfortable chairs (participants are seated for most of the workshop)
  • Appropriate lighting
  • A comfortable temperature
  • Space to post newsprint
  • Limited noise distractions (ed: phones, fans, kitchens, traffic, music)


Please be sure to supply the following items:

  • Post-it Easel Pad
  • Easel
  • Multi-colored markers
  • Masking tape
  • Blackboard, chalk and eraser
  • Paper and pencil for participants


Please note that all announcements of the Undoing Racism™/Community Organizing Workshop (press releases, ads, brochures, flyers, etc.) must be reviewed by The People’s Institute staff BEFORE being released to the general public. We can provide sample materials that may be of assistance.


Additional tasks may include organizing the following:

  • registration
  • housing
  • meals
  • coffee and snacks
  • special needs accommodations
  • child care
  • airport shuttle
  • map/directions for participants and trainers from out of town

If you would like to set up a workshop with your organization, please contact us.

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